About us

Based in Berlin and Frankfurt, Studio Workshop is a design agency specializing in visual identity. We offer design services on a range of projects including print and packaging, website and interface design, books and illustration, exhibition and event communication.

Studio Workshop serves clients from a variety of disciplines including fashion and lifestyle brands, publishing houses and music companies, NGOs and consultancy firms, galleries and artists, food and wine labels.

Founded in 2010 by Julia Guther and Saira Hussain, Studio Workshop brings a clear, simple and unique visual language to each and every design challenge.

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Bildungsstätte Anne Frank
DDB Berlin
Double Magazine (FR)
Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (LIT)
Frankfurt Convention Bureau 
Galerie Thomas Fischer
Morr Music
MSI Germany
Mutabor Design

Olivier Hess Ltd. (GB)
osb international
Rallye Label (JP)
Reebok (DDB Berlin)
Stiletto nyc (USA)
Tactical Technology (GB)
Warner Chappell Music Germany